First founded under another name in 1994, Zeon Patent & Law Firm has always done its utmost to provide our clients with intellectual property rights protection for the results of their technical development efforts. Zeon Patent & Law Firm's unique capability is made possible by the seamless interaction between its patent lawyers who have compiled experience as examiners at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and in various other capacities in terms of technical and legal expertise, and also its administrative staff experienced in handling industrial property related matters. Zeon Patent & Law Firm provides the following services related to intellectual property rights.
01 Patent Application
According to a KIPO survey, about 50% of all registered patents are thereafter invalidated or cancelled, which implies that every potential problem such as the exercise of rights must be considered prior to a patent application.

Zeon Patent & Law Firm has plenty of experience in resolving conflicts over intellectual property rights, and our expert patent lawyers directly analyze the overall circumstances of each case to strategically plan the patent application phase and provide the most suitable solution for each client.
02 Patent Examination
There are many cases in which litigation for the decision/annulment of a patent is put forth to the patent court unnecessarily due to the failure of providing an appropriate response during the trial phase at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board which is essentially the first examining court.

Zeon Patent & Law Firm's patent lawyers, as former examiners of KIPO, are well-equipped to prevent a refusal to grant a client's technical patent rights during the application and register processes, and to prevent the invalidation or cancellation of a patent registered in the trial process. Only with Zeon Patent & Law Firm's expertise and accumulated experience are we are able to expediently resolve issues in which client's rights are being interfered with during the trial phase.
03 Patent Litigation
Patent and other intellectual property related conflicts are most effectively addressed when synergy is achieved between high levels of technical know-how and legal know-how, which is why teamwork is so important between patent lawyers who are technical experts and general lawyers who are experts in law. Zeon Patent & Law Firm leverages and works closely with its network of lawyers experienced in litigation to find effective solutions for patent litigation cases.

We assure all our clients who entrust their patent needs to Zeon Patent & Law Firm that they will obtain strong, exercisable rights, receive protection for the rights obtained, and will be able to exercise their rights toward suitable ends.