TRIZ (Theory of inventive Problem Solving) is a method of analyzing millions of objective documents that are patents from around the world and sorting them into categories of commonalities through creative problem solving. The TRIZ theory is acknowledged as the most logical method from among creative fields. Multinational corporations around the world are training their staff to implement TRIZ, and among them, Samsung is regarded as having been the most active in using TRIZ to elicit innovation and productivity.

Our company’s person in charge of TRIZ, Mr. Hyo Joon Kim has worked on TRIZ at Samsung from 2000 to 2008, introducing and disseminating TRIZ to the Samsung workforce. Mr. Kim has been the main person responsible for TRIZ at Samsung.

After 2008, Mr. Kim left Samsung to promote TRIZ to other Korean multinationals including POSCO, LG, and SKT.

Thirteen years of experience in working with TRIZ to solve problems has fostered the ability to solve problems across a wide range of technical fields. What are the effects of TRIZ ? They are realized when problems that have arisen are solved. What makes this possible is the experience of having used TRIZ to generate results. By actually having applied TRIZ not only to various companies within the Samsung Group including Samsung Electronics, Samsung Construction, and Samsung Heavy Industries, but to competitive environments, the problem solving needs of many people can be met.

Having introduced and implemented TRIZ training in the most effective way possible, our TRIZ training program is acknowledge as the best in Korea. We also provide a high level TRIZ training program even to those whose native language is not English by using English that is easy to understand.